Talkie Talkie


happy as always (:

yaya happy happy me happy
because my family & friends care for me
and I shouldn't be sad right?
if I'm sad then i'm not CCCYY already xD

just keep the rainbow up~ xD


I don't know

should I really know? why should I PRETEND not to know?
what is that? I'm just like a person of the outerspace and I don't understand what are you guys talking about.....
it'll hurt meeee?
I just wished I knew NOTHING about it
I just wished I knew even nothing, not SOMETHING and not everything?!
thank you, it'll hurt me right?
but now it hurts you know that?
it'll change me? alright, i have the rights to know...but I know i shouldn't know right now
thank you I know you guys care for me
but I just don't understand
It's like everyone knows but the one who's related didn't know even a single thing till today
ice cream
ice cream
I want ice cream!!!
ice cream sweet, and sweet makes me happy =D
i don't want to know anymore! so can you just tell me who is that?
everyone knows? you know? she know? he knows? but you say you don't know?!
I really wished that's not me
that's not me
that's not me
that's not me
is it really better if i don't know?
is it?
sorry guys


a day in sunway pyramid

yesterday all drama fellows went out to sunway pyramid
we watched a nice and exciting movie named '2012'
the time duration of the movie is 2 hours and 28 minutes mwahaaa
guess what, some of the girls cried .__.
it's not scary for me..but it's SAD, cold and nervous.......
speaking of cold..I regret that I didn't bring jackets to cover myself ><
i think i was just sitting under the air-conditioner in the cinema
so i was shivering for 2 hours ++
and then
the movie turned to be a little bit scary
when everyone in the movie was screaming for help as the large tsunami was going to cover the whole nation....
and when zi ning told me that yin2 was crying
and when zi ning also covered her mouth with her hands and started to cry
and when teng hoong also felt a little bit scared
then I used the popcorn to cover my face xD
but 2012 is a nice film though haaa
when we came out of the cinema
everyone was laughing at me for not finishing the popcorns (come on, the packet was large...;D)
then some of us have lunch at jusco food court
while the others went to Kim Gary to have their lunch
wan yi zi ning jing xian teng hoong and a few of us ordered claypot yee meee
why? because it's quite cheap and looks YUMMY
but it's a bit spicy...poor wan yi
she don't like spicy food ><

after lunch
we took group photos and then we separated
everyone went walk walk around the shopping mall
but we have different destinations =D
4.30 wan yi zi ning and I went back homeeeeeee
that's all for that dayyyyy - -
should we hang out again? :D
phew, i'm relieved that I didn't dream about the scary scenes of 2012 yesterday




thank you guys~ thank you for the memories~ thank you for those happy memories you guys gave me...YOU ROCK~ pray hard everyone, hope that we will all be in the same class next year~ mwah mwah mwah mwah...I will always remember you guys~



crazy (:

yes, I'm crazy enough. like this you won't forget me right? good, because I won't forget you either ;]
great, now i'm sure that everyone is missing our class..why? because 2A1 is too crazy~
now everyone in 2A1 hates holidays..why? because 2A1 is too crazy~
we're just too crazy to be 2A1-ians
my heart now belongs to this crazy family, and I'll never leave.
except all crazy members are leaving together
hand-in-hand (:
then we'll not be scared anymore..
caring and sharing will still remain
CRAZINESS will also remain
there's no ending for this story..
because i know that
we are crazy enough
to continue the story


nothing much

haih..sorry guys...i'm trying to upload photos of the Drama Competition in facebook ><
but it's toooo slow...
so you have to wait for a few days to get the sorryy
if you need it in urgent (which is quite impossible) you can get it from Lee Chia (:
changed my blogskin, nice?
mondayy is the last day of school O.o
and we are totally not happy D:
why? because we'll miss each other after monday, and that is totally not fun :\
saw that photo up there? that's my sis infront..yawning ^^
and i'm at the back..looks like she wants to eat meeee for supper ;D
my youngest sis accidentally took this photo haaha..and it's soo funny
please don't beat me sisssieeeeee =D
it's 3 o'clock now and I have nothing to do except blogging..GOOD
but i'm thinking about 2A1 now T.T
stop it CYY stop IT

every 2A1 member is missing 2A1 now..............
how do i know? there's facebook and blogger - -
we got champion in the drama competition and I'm sooooo happy (:
but the more good memories about 2A1
the more emo we are....
as we are leaving 2A1..the best 2A1 ever!

p/s: I'm just emo-ing here, so if you don't like this post as it's too 'eww', it's normal (:

monday ):

please don't let me see someone in 2A1 crying on Monday, because I'll be the next one..
it's just soooo bad, drama placed us all together and now holidays are separating us ><
you guys are just sooo guys are always there to care for each other...................
we really did a great job 2A1 drama folks, you guys make me cry and laugh, and then cry and laugh
non of you are not important to me D: special thanks to:


wakakaka ;D I 'grow' a lot, smile a lot, act a lot, crazy a lot, sampat a lot in 2A1
you guys are just soooo cool 0(>.<)o
is there an opportunity that everyone in 2A1 goes to 3A1? i'll miss you all ):
so much...