Talkie Talkie


Welcome 2010 (:

Happy New Year everyone!
2009 is a very sweet and happy year...
thank you for all the sweet memories :)
I'm very sure that 2010 will colour our life with pretty rainbows like 2009
byebye 2009~ HEY 2010!
good luck everyone
and gambatte for all PMR & SPM candidates
don't stress yourselves!
remember to smile always and be happy =)

byebye and hihi

heehee ;D

see you next year


Christmas :D

merry christmas everyone!
have a happy happy CHRISTMAS :D

see you guys next year (:
mwah mwah


hair cut :D

heehee (:
I cut my hair again!
it was even shorter than the 1st time =D
the hairstylist washed my hair before cutting
he said that was to make my hair straighter and easier for him to cut :D
some of my friends like it but some of them don't T.T
but it's okay
at least I like it :)
clean and tidy
& layered enough too
i'm happy with my new hairstyle
but i don't know whether I can tie it up or not O-O
if not, hope that it will grow longer before 2010 ><

(: do you like it? it shows no difference in photos :P

before xD

after =D


holidays + books

sleep . eat . play . laugh
this is my daily routine in the holidays, it hasn't change before and I wouldn't want it to change :D
but you wouldn't believe this - i've hooked up with a pile of english books after reading twilight!
amazing~ I couldn't imagine that CCCYY is spending her last few holidays reading ENG books!
hmph, after coming back from Kinokuniya, I started borrowing books from friends, relatives, and those were all english omgosh~ okay I have to admit, twilight is really a thrilling tale and it could even cause ME to touch eng books O_O the problem i'm facing now is - I need to speed up my reading to finish this whole pile of books before the school reopens! i have to return to my friends before that...It's quite impossible though, for a slow-motional-person like me (: erm perhaps at least finish reading new moon? [i know i'm quite outdated as most the girls have read twilight series a decade ago ><]

I'll drown in this pile of books the next few weeks

love reading :D
love books too <3

good night (: