Talkie Talkie


sorry choir.

dearest choir,
I'm sorry for all the things i had done
sorry melanie
sorry ming zhao
sorry melody
sorry ting jia
sorry yi yun
sorry zhi jie
sorry sorry
i'm really really sorry
i know it's ridiculous but you have to trust me
i will try my very very best to improve myself
although i could not promise you last time
but now I can, I'm always ready to change
although sometimes I'm just like an outer space mini person-unnoticeable
even I did not do anything wrong, i have no reason to say that I'm right
because there's no any witness or anyone there to speak a word or another
i'm not blaming anyone, and now I want to change this
although this year is not a right year to waste time improving myself
but if i don't make it quick, I'll regret as it's too late after that
days passed, i couldn't prove that I had showed up more than I should
the problem I'm facing now is temporary unable to solve
at least i trust that it's only temporary
I'm trying to solve, it's just you guys don't know
i need to find a way to get rid of this problem as soon as possible
or else I'll turn out to be a BAD BAD guy
trust me I'm very bad to you, do you know that?
not only you, even my friends, my homework
I treat them all BADly but not in purpose
I'm not happy as last time and I know why
it's my turn to be responsible
everyone had treated me so good that I've forgot my responsibility
thus, other than that problem
every problem that i've made out about choir is ALL my fault
i have to change
give me a chance to change
although it's quite late now
but I think I still have time left
I'll do what you guys expect me to do
I'll do everything as neat as nice as possible
I had enough of those tiring attitude thingy
so before I start to hate myself
I have to change
2010 is a year that I have to change
I don't need to be prefect, but I have to be good
like the cyy last time
I've lost myself
and I'm trying to find the map myself
to get back the good girl who treat everyone and everything good
at least.
because it's my responsibility
this time I don't need your help
what I ask for now is,
can you just trust me whatever I do?
I'll try my best, I'll try my best

p/s: I'll come for every lesson from now, I don't care whether i'm not being informed or just an outerspace person. I'll be me.

Choir is A big big happy family. And before finding back the happy family, I'll create one-



haih, we are going back to school tomorrow >< yet i'm still not prepared....
too many things to do at pmr, prefects duties, choir thingy, projects, homeworks, tuition......
cyy, please don't do anything wrong tomorrow O.O
how are you guys in the holidays? I'll surely miss them...that's when I can wake up at 10 every day ><
now i'm a morning session student, form 3 summore   i have to wake up 5.30 everyday!!
okay, stop talking about stress here emo there thingy, nobody likes emo kay! D:
school days should be happy :D think about friends, think about fun~ think about laugh HAHA
hmm who are the teachers that are teaching us this year? hmm.......
I really hope that everyone can be happy forever and always :)
lol, i'm in 3A1 this year...i just hope that I will improve myself, then everything is enough =)
understand what you are doing! just be yourself, okay?

by the way, I will not be updating this blog so often after today - - there will be homeworks and other stuffs to do after this ><

happy new year and good luck!!