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haih, we are going back to school tomorrow >< yet i'm still not prepared....
too many things to do at pmr, prefects duties, choir thingy, projects, homeworks, tuition......
cyy, please don't do anything wrong tomorrow O.O
how are you guys in the holidays? I'll surely miss them...that's when I can wake up at 10 every day ><
now i'm a morning session student, form 3 summore   i have to wake up 5.30 everyday!!
okay, stop talking about stress here emo there thingy, nobody likes emo kay! D:
school days should be happy :D think about friends, think about fun~ think about laugh HAHA
hmm who are the teachers that are teaching us this year? hmm.......
I really hope that everyone can be happy forever and always :)
lol, i'm in 3A1 this year...i just hope that I will improve myself, then everything is enough =)
understand what you are doing! just be yourself, okay?

by the way, I will not be updating this blog so often after today - - there will be homeworks and other stuffs to do after this ><

happy new year and good luck!!

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