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Happy Halloween!~

Happy Halloween!~
I guess not many people know today is Halloween^^
Sorry mommy...
I went online immediately after my sis...
and then my mommy tell me to go to sleep...
but I haven't publish my entry yet><
haiz.. sorry mom I'm really sorry!
Relieved.... :P
got all A'S till now...
but I'm not sure if i shall get 2 B's for seni visual and geography...
haiz... made ZW angry liao><
sorry ohh...
I didn't mean it...
but I'm really angry when you kept talking and showing cockroaches....
sorry lorh...
I promise not to do that again...
I didn't have the copy..
I'm very very very sure!
please be happy, k?




today I got up at abt 9.00a.m...
quite late already because need to go to school today...
I finally know how to tie a tie already^^
tie a tie..sounds so weird ohh ==
kaka..very relieved because don't have sore throat liao~
yesterday a bit fever ohh..><
quite normal today in school,
it's just I can wear pinafore with tie liao \(~^o^~)/
so zi lian right?
today zhen wei was very irritating...argh!~
YF didn't manage to "shoo" him off my place ><
he's just to "wei da"...@.@
hate my science and english marks....
but quite happy was,
my MALAY finally got an A...^O^
as you know,
I seldom got an A for Malay papers.......
Shanna also got an A! Hi-five!
Our class de Genius (4 of 'them') got almost average for all...e.e
ZN and YX came to my place...sadly they couldn't stand ZW's noisyness beside me ><
(can you imagine, he's sitting on YF's lap....@o@
ZN's face so white and chubby! I was wondering what cream is she smooth ^^
today I planned to go back to 州立(my primary school) 校友会校日...
I planned to leave school on 5 that day (7.11.08)...
wondering how my duty can go on...
just now I received a call from PMO...
she confirmed the song which I wanted to play in the competition...............
I didn't tell them I WANTED TO quit....
I'm very stupid neh...
tuo ni dai shui....
today's dinner...
we ate mushrooms^^
I mean the dishes were all about mushrooms..
3Kinds of mushrooms+yong tou foo...
quite full and :P
don't have the chance to take a photo of the dishes..
so delicious ohh! cooked by my lovely mom ^^
muacks ohh~ wakaka...
get to see my primary friends next friday...
excited ohh ^o^
miss them very very much.....**




Well, i didn't plan to post an entry today actually,but somthing really funny happened in my conversation today with xxx(secret people), I saw he cloned my name, display picture and personal message. So I asked him the way he do this. He taught me with good manners and he was very kind to teach me, who is stupid with computer knowledge...I also asked him how can I change the colour of the names. When I was cloning my name to Hui Wen's, Natalie's and Yuen Foong's, I got a problem which is i didn't backup when I was cloning Hui Wen's! as I was panic for being Hui Wen forever, xxx helped me to turned back to my name! (please notice the colour of my name while it changes and the font so u can differentiate between him and I!) Oh ya, the upper part of the conversation, which he taught me to install servers to messenger plus..

Special thanks to xxx!

Here is the conversation:

Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ (

xxx (

(2:22 PM) ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^:how to change the colours of the names
(2:22 PM)xxx: Oh, you're done?
(2:22 PM) ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^:hi
(2:22 PM) ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^:yaya
(2:23 PM) ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^:i saw the colours of ur name
(2:23 PM) ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^:nice~
(2:23 PM)xxx: Err, it's quite complicated...
(2:23 PM)xxx: hehe
(2:23 PM) ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^:aikz
(2:23 PM)xxx: ok...
(2:23 PM)xxx: For example, if you open the options panel...
(2:24 PM)xxx: You can modify your name rite?
(2:24 PM) ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^:where is the options panel?
(2:25 PM)xxx: Well, for example, if you want to change the name ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^...
(2:25 PM) ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^:ya
(2:25 PM)xxx: Where would you go to?
(2:26 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:26 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:26 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:26 PM)xxx: Haha
(2:26 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: like this?
(2:26 PM)xxx: Yup
(2:26 PM)xxx: But for double colours...
(2:26 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: then who to change custom colours like yours
(2:26 PM)xxx: That is, if you want...
(2:27 PM)xxx: Ok...
(2:27 PM)xxx: Try to catch up
(2:27 PM)xxx: I'll make it as simple as possible
(2:27 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: okie
(2:28 PM)xxx: Ok, they will give you many colours to choose from rite?
(2:28 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ya?
(2:28 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: and
(2:28 PM)xxx: Ok, and so the first colour is white, rite?
(2:28 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ya
(2:29 PM)xxx: And the one on the left is black right?
(2:29 PM)xxx: sorry, right
(2:29 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ya
(2:29 PM)xxx: right?
(2:29 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ya
(2:29 PM)xxx: ok
(2:29 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: and then?
(2:30 PM)xxx: Starting from black, the colour codes are from left to right, and when you
reach the end, the code will continue from the second row, first colour
(2:30 PM)xxx: Black is [c=1]
(2:30 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: and then
(2:31 PM)xxx: And so dark blue is [c=2]
(2:31 PM)xxx: so for example if you want dark pink for the start, and light pink towards the end
of your name...
(2:31 PM)xxx: wait arrhz...
(2:33 PM)xxx: it would be: ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^
(2:33 PM)xxx: whoops
(2:33 PM)xxx: wait arr...
(2:33 PM)xxx: Accidentally did it...
(2:33 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: nvm
(2:34 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: then where shud i type the code
(2:34 PM)xxx: Err, right in the box where you type the name
(2:34 PM)xxx: ok...
(2:34 PM)xxx: thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(2:34 PM)xxx: whooooops
(2:34 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ??
(2:34 PM)xxx: sorry
(2:35 PM)xxx: something wrong with the keyboard

(2:35 PM)xxx: so the first one is [c=13]
(2:35 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:35 PM)xxx: ten your name
(2:35 PM)xxx: *then
(2:35 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: and then?
(2:35 PM)xxx: then end it with [[/c=22]
(2:35 PM)xxx: sorry
(2:36 PM)xxx: [/c=22]
(2:36 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: and then?
(2:36 PM)xxx: there must be a slash to mark the end of the order
(2:36 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: okey
(2:36 PM)xxx: press enter la
(2:36 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:36 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: oo
(2:36 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: nice
(2:36 PM)xxx: You can choose any colour you like
(2:36 PM)xxx: Enjoy!
(2:37 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: if i wan blue in front of the purple?
(2:37 PM)xxx: Hmm
(2:37 PM)xxx: light blue or dark blue?
(2:37 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: dark
(2:37 PM)xxx: and do you mean pink or purple?
(2:37 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: i'm not sure..i juz noe it's in the front
(2:37 PM)xxx: Ok...
(2:38 PM)xxx: merah jambu?
(2:38 PM)xxx: 粉红色?
(2:38 PM)xxx: enough to convince you?
(2:38 PM)xxx: :P
(2:39 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: okie
(2:39 PM)xxx: c=2, then c=13
(2:39 PM)xxx: try it
(2:40 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: c=2,after that then c=13?
(2:40 PM)xxx: yup
(2:40 PM)xxx: remember, put it in brackets
(2:40 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "[c=2]^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:40 PM)xxx: ?
(2:41 PM)
(2:41 PM)xxx: Isn't that the same?
(2:41 PM)xxx: ok...
(2:41 PM)xxx: let me try
(2:41 PM)[c=2]^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "[c=2] ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:41 PM)[c=2] ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "[c=2]^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:41 PM)[c=2]^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "[c=12]^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:41 PM)[c=12]^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "[c=2]^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:41 PM)xxx: ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^
(2:41 PM)xxx: Nah
(2:41 PM) [c=2]^*~&CÈcëLΪ:hy i cnt
(2:41 PM)xxx: can wat
(2:41 PM)xxx: hmm
(2:42 PM)xxx: I give you the exact code again
(2:42 PM)xxx: [c=2]
(2:42 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: you mean in front of the [c=13]
(2:42 PM)xxx: then ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^
(2:42 PM)xxx: ?
(2:42 PM)xxx: ya
(2:42 PM)[c=2]^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(2:42 PM)xxx: then [/c13]
(2:42 PM)xxx: *[/c=13]
(2:43 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: cnt put two codes infront?
(2:43 PM)xxx: Hmm
(2:43 PM)xxx: dunno
(2:43 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ohhya
(2:44 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: then how to copy ppl's name and dp?
(2:44 PM)xxx: Hehe
(2:44 PM)xxx: thought you forgot about that
(2:44 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: no way!
(2:44 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ^^
(2:44 PM)xxx: Ok, go to your main page for messenger
(2:45 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: k
(2:45 PM)xxx: err, or maybe not
(2:45 PM)xxx: wait arr
(2:45 PM)xxx: I think I'll just send it to you
(2:45 PM)xxx: faster
(2:46 PM)xxx: wait arrhz
(2:48 PM)xxx: err, I think cannot
(2:48 PM)xxx: you have to download it urself
(2:49 PM)xxx: just go to
(2:50 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: download again?
(2:50 PM)xxx: 喂?
(2:50 PM)xxx: oh
(2:50 PM)xxx: well, it's different
(2:50 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: i know
(2:50 PM)xxx: this one is less than 500kb
(2:50 PM)xxx: yup
(2:52 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: is it free
(2:52 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ?
(2:52 PM)xxx: yes!
(2:52 PM)xxx: if not?
(2:52 PM)xxx: Everything I download in my com is free
(2:52 PM)xxx: :)
(2:52 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: okie
(2:53 PM)xxxhas changed his/her status to Busy
(2:53 PM)xxxhas changed his/her name to "♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥"
(2:53 PM)♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥ has changed his/her status to Online
(2:53 PM)♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥ has changed his/her status to Busy
(2:53 PM)♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥ has changed his/her personal message to "Exam has finally ended~!! :D Be free to drop by at ! =D"
(2:53 PM) ♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥:Done?
(2:54 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: they said improt script already
(2:54 PM) ♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥:Yup
(2:54 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: then?
(2:54 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: nth change
(2:55 PM) ♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥:which means that it will be automatically activated
(2:55 PM) ♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥:Ok
(2:55 PM) ♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥:wait arrhz
(2:55 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: okey
(2:55 PM)♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥ has changed his/her status to Online
(2:55 PM)♥ Zi Ning ♥ 子宁 ♥ has changed his/her name to xxx

(2:55 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: plz be fast k?
(2:55 PM)xxx has changed his/her personal message to xxx
(2:55 PM)xxx: first, you type /
(2:55 PM)xxx: then clone
(2:55 PM)xxx: wait
(2:55 PM)xxx: wait
(2:55 PM)xxx: Type /, then backup
(2:55 PM)xxx: do not space
(2:55 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: where type?
(2:56 PM)xxx: this will backup your information
(2:56 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: type where
(2:56 PM)xxx: chat box
(2:56 PM)xxx: done?
(2:56 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: u mean here
(2:56 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ??
(2:56 PM)xxx: yup
(2:56 PM)xxx: just type backup
(2:56 PM)xxx: ok?
(2:56 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: then
(2:56 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ??
(2:56 PM)xxx: then, type /, followed by clone
(2:57 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: i pressed enter juz now
(2:57 PM)xxx: hmm?
(2:57 PM)xxx: then nothing happened wor
(2:57 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: okey
(2:57 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: shud i space b4 typing /clone?
(2:57 PM)xxx: no
(2:57 PM)xxx: no spacing
(2:58 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: and then?
(2:58 PM)xxx: ?
(2:58 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: faster
(2:58 PM)xxx: just press enter
(2:58 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: please
(2:58 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: ohh
(2:59 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: they said cnt
(2:59 PM)xxx: ?
(2:59 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: tis is not being reconigzed
(2:59 PM)xxx: Err.........
(2:59 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: /backup/clone
(2:59 PM)xxx: no
(2:59 PM)xxx: just do backup first
(2:59 PM)xxx: then only clone
(3:00 PM)xxx: not together
(3:00 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her status to Busy
(3:00 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to xxx
(3:00 PM)xxx has changed his/her status to Online
(note: there's 2 xxx below, one is me, and one is him. you can reconigze who is who by looking at the font)
(3:00 PM)xxx: wahhaaa
(3:00 PM)xxx has changed his/her status to Busy

(3:00 PM)xxx: :)
(3:00 PM)xxx: yea
(3:00 PM)xxx: thanks a lot^^
(3:00 PM)xxx: :P
(3:00 PM)xxx: welcome
(3:00 PM)xxx: to deactivate, just type
(3:00 PM)xxx: */unclone
(3:00 PM)xxx: without the star
(3:00 PM)xxx(me) has changed his/her name to "♥Natalie♥"
(3:00 PM)xxx: ...
(3:00 PM)♥Natalie♥ has changed his/her personal message to " Looking at you, and my heart loves the view, because you mean EVERYTHING (:"
(3:01 PM)xxx: You have really gone wild
(3:01 PM)xxx: =P
(3:01 PM) Natalie:hahaa

(note: the changes of names is me trying to clone other ppl)

(3:01 PM)♥Natalie♥ has changed his/her name to "wendy"
(3:02 PM)wendy has changed his/her personal message to "woohoo~~ ||"
(3:02 PM) wendy:hahaa

(note: i changed my name to xxx, Hui WeN, natalie, and yuen foong only. xxx changed to zi ning in the conversation)

(3:03 PM) wendy:THANKS A LOT
(3:03 pm)xxx
(3:03 PM)xxx: try it on YF
(3:03 PM) wendy:okey
(3:03 PM)xxx: It should work
(3:03 PM)xxx: :P
(3:03 PM)wendy has changed his/her name to "xpur3lce"
(3:03 PM)xpur3lce has removed his/her personal message
(3:03 PM) xpur3lce:omg
(3:03 PM)xxx: Haha
(3:04 PM) xpur3lce:his name is not like tat wad
(3:04 PM)xxx: Yours is his older version
(3:04 PM) xpur3lce:ya
(3:04 PM) xpur3lce:sad
(3:04 PM)xxx: hmm
(3:04 PM) xpur3lce:i'm yuen foong
(3:04 PM) xpur3lce:wahaha
(3:04 PM)xxx: hahaha
(3:04 PM)xxx: try uncloning
(3:04 PM) xpur3lce:okey
(3:05 PM)xpur3lce has changed his/her name to "wendy" (the thing happened here was when i tried uncloning, i uncloned to Hui Wen, that means I couldn't change back to my original name T.T)
(3:05 PM)wendy has changed his/her personal message to "woohoo~~ ||"
(3:05 PM) wendy:see
(3:05 PM)xxx: ?????
(3:05 PM) wendy:wat ahppen
(3:05 PM)xxx: Whooooooops
(3:05 PM) wendy:OMG
(3:05 PM)xxx: Did you backup when changed to wendy?
(3:05 PM) wendy:YA
(3:05 PM)xxx: Or, do you even know the meaning of backup...
(3:05 PM) wendy:no
(3:06 PM) wendy:then wad shud i do
(3:06 PM)xxx: It means, saving information before formatting or changing to another thing
(3:06 PM) wendy:i noe
(3:06 PM) wendy:then how?
(3:06 PM)xxx: So, it's back to square 1
(3:06 PM)xxx: You have to do it manually
(3:06 PM)xxx: lucky I saved this
(3:07 PM) wendy:how to do manually?
(3:07 PM)xxx: ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^
(3:07 PM) wendy:u mean copy?
(3:07 PM)xxx: yup
(3:07 PM)xxx: wat to do?
(3:08 PM)xxx: Unless you want to stay hui wn forever
(3:08 PM)wendy has changed his/her name to ""
(3:08 PM)xxx: :P
(3:08 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:omg
(3:08 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:mine cnt copy
(3:08 PM)xxx: ??!!
(3:08 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:i mean cnt paste
(3:08 PM)xxx: haiz
(3:08 PM) has removed his/her personal message
(3:08 PM)xxx: Well, I can help you a little
(3:08 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:okey
(3:09 PM)xxx: Just tell me your sub-personal message
(3:09 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:sub?
(3:10 PM)xxx: Err, like Zhen wei's one is : I'm back with my com now nothing will ever stop me now
(3:10 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:okey
(3:10 PM)xxx: rite?
(3:10 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:lei hen
(3:10 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:in chinese
(3:10 PM)xxx: hmm
(3:10 PM)xxx: You can's type?
(3:11 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:ya
(3:11 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:cnt
(3:11 PM)xxx: 泪痕?
(3:11 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:yaya
(3:11 PM)xxx: Ok...
(3:11 PM) has changed his/her personal message to "泪痕"
(3:11 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:.......
(3:11 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:sad~
(3:11 PM)xxx: Well, all you need is personal message
(3:12 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:?
(3:12 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:what do u mean?
(3:12 PM)xxx: ^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^
(3:12 PM)xxx: That is, if you can copy/paste
(3:12 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:cannot paste in the options
(3:12 PM)xxx: Oh...
(3:12 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:tat's why
(3:12 PM)xxx: Then how did you do it in the first place?
(3:12 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:i duno
(3:12 PM)xxx: okok, wait arrhz
(3:12 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:it's long time ago
(3:13 PM) has changed his/her status to Online
(3:14 PM)xxx: err, anybody helped you to do it?
(3:14 PM)xxx: You're sis, maybe?
(3:14 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:my laptop cnt paste anything
(3:15 PM)xxx: mine either...
(3:15 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:i mean cnt paste anything in windows live
(3:15 PM)xxx: Me too
(3:15 PM)xxx: So...
(3:15 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:then how
(3:15 PM)xxx: I don't know how to help you
(3:15 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:stay hui wen forever
(3:15 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:OMG
(3:15 PM)xxx: Well, not really
(3:15 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:really doomed
(3:15 PM)xxx: at least you changed ur display pic and the you know wat
(3:16 PM)xxx: and it's back to ceceliayy
(3:16 PM) ceceliayy@hotmai:but my name is the important thingy
(3:16 PM) has changed his/her name to "Cecelia ><"
(3:16 PM)xxx: ...
(3:16 PM)xxx: I noe
(3:17 PM)Cecelia >< c="2]Cecelia"><[c=13]"
(3:17 PM)[c=2]Cecelia ><[c=13] has changed his/her name to "Cecelia ><"
(3:17 PM) Cecelia ><:haiz
(3:17 PM) Cecelia ><:i manage to do lyk tis
(3:17 PM)xxx: Ok, I can help you
(3:17 PM) Cecelia ><:??
(3:17 PM)xxx: just press ctrl+v
(3:17 PM)xxx: when on the options panel
(3:18 PM)xxx: It is actually the shortcut for 'paste' in microsoft word
(3:18 PM)xxx: try it
(3:18 PM)Cecelia ><>
(3:18 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ "
(3:19 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^ has changed his/her name to "^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^"
(3:19 PM)xxx: :)
(3:19 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: yay!~~~~
(3:19 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: thanks!!!
(3:19 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: how can i thank you
(3:19 PM)^*~&CÈcëLΪ&~*^: hahaa

...end... Quite funny right? I'm so stupid... thank you xxx for teaching me... or else i'll be so doomed...i guess i don't dare to clone anyone anymore! thanks, genius!
Love, CCYY