Talkie Talkie


到最后我可以不爱了 你却说舍不得 :(


Do you really understand that,

I'm trying
I'm really trying very hard...
I'm fixing the problems that I've made
I'm forcing myself to get through
I'm making everyone unhappy
I'm causing many problems
I'm ruining myself
I just want to make things right.
I couldn't cope with things I have now
I'm trying to follow and remember things that I should remember
but I couldn't
Why am I so irresponsible
Why am I making everyone unhappy
Why am I doing things wrongly
Why am I making projects into failure
What had happened to me?
This is not me.
I'm not irresponsible, and I'm not a person who push jobs to others.
Is there anyway to lead myself back to where it was?
I really wish I could go back to where I could
make everything right
finish every task in time
done everything that had been ordered
I'm just not the usual me now.
I'm not as perfect as you think, now.